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Our Council of Governors

The Governors provide a vital link between the communities and groups they serve and the Trust Board, which has the statutory responsibility for the management of the organisation.

They also have a number of statutory roles, including providing their view on our forward planning, appointing and deciding the terms of office of the Chair and other Non Executive Directors of the Board, approving the appointment of the Chief Executive, appointing or removing our auditors and receiving our annual accounts, auditor's reports and annual report.

The Council of Governors have regular meetings that are open to foundation trust (FT) members, and the public are welcome to observe. Governors, FT members and members of the public can ask questions at the start of the meetings of the Council of Governors, provided that they have given details of the question to the Chair at least 2 working days in advance.

You can contact the Council of Governors via

Our Governors

  • David Wilton
  • George Butler
  • Peter Taylor
  • Amanda Carswell
  • Shirley-Anne Wilson

  • Val Richards
  • Lorraine Crossley-Close
  • Arthur Jones
  • Sarah Badrock
  • Adam Bateman
  • Safiq Master
  • Jim Wood

  • Sue Allison
  • Jim Ring
  • Ian Soane
  • Mike Wilson

  • Jane Kenny (Management & Admin)
  • Lakshmanan Radhakrishnan (Medical & Dental)
  • Sally Sagar (Registered Nurses, Midwives & Operating Department Practitioners)
  • Pauline Preston(Community Services)
  • Kylie Mckenna (Registered Nurses, Midwives & Operating Department Practitioners)

  • Cllr Anne Burns, Cumbria County Council
  • Cllr Shaun Turner, Lancashire County Council
  • Sarah Rees, Lancaster University
  • Brian Webster-Henderson, University of Cumbria