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Phil’s Slimming World journey

9 November 2017

When searching the internet, flicking through a magazine or watching tabloid TV, techniques, diets, potions and gadgets – all labelled as ‘easy ways to lose weight’ – are available in abundance!  But are they really easy ways to lose weight? One way that seems to be working for hundreds of thousands of people is Slimming World…an easy way to lose weight with millions of stones and inches lost!

Phil Woodford, Associate Director of Corporate Affairs, started his Slimming World journey in June this year and has reaped the benefits ever since.

“I already knew about Slimming World through a family member who has achieved great success but what made me look into joining up was a poster in our Occupational Health Department at Lancaster, it explained how you could do this through a referral service where the Trust actually contributes towards the fee.

“In the past couple of years I had already lost a lot of weight, but due to having a stroke in 2016 I had put the weight back on and I was determined to lose it again. The side effect of putting weight on was taking its toll and I was feeling really unhealthy and uncomfortable you know it’s time when you have special’fat pants’!.

“So in the four months of doing Slimming World I have managed to lose about one and a half stone, not only has it helped me lose weight but I also feel more confident in myself and that my goals are achievable – five stone is the aim to get my BMI where it should be back in the green zone! Seeing the pounds go down each week does give you that motivation to keep going.

“I really would recommend it to other staff members, I like how there are different ways you can join up – either online or joining a local group. I decided to go for the group option, simply because I thought it would help motivate me, although I was self-conscious about going at first in case I was the only man there. There was another man there and I’m not single but it definitely would be the place to go if you were looking to find someone or just wish to meet new people they have all been lovely and welcoming.

“All the terrible things I thought would happen didn’t either, I thought you would be made to stand at the front and be shamed in front of everyone – just like in the TV show little Britain…this definitely wasn’t the case! Everyone there really does help and encourage you along the way, giving you suggestions when you maybe haven’t had the best week and what you could maybe try differently.

“The main thing I did notice about the whole Slimming World experience was how simple it was and how I am always full. With previous diets I have tried that has never really happened.”

So if you have been inspired by Phil’s story and are ready to count your syns, contact the Occupational Health Department on ext 42290 for more information on how you can join up and join me in flourishing at work!