War on Waste

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The War On Waste starts now!
You will often have heard us talking about finance and savings – but we believe there is a new fight to take place – and that’s a War on Waste.
We want to be clear – this war is about improving the care and experience even further for everyone who uses our hospitals and community services. It would be easy to take a spreadsheet approach to slashing expenditure, but that would ignore the human impact of such an approach and this Trust, more than most, has seen the disastrous consequences of focussing solely on the money and not the people.
We all want to be the best we can be –and to become outstanding.  If we want to achieve this ambition we can’t stay as we are with a deficit of circa £70m. We have plans to finish the year by reducing this to £38m but that depends on us delivering cost efficiencies in the order of £22m this year.
We’ve already seen the impact that our Use of Resources review has had on our CQC rating, but by reducing our deficit, confidence in the organisation will grow and we are more likely then to secure capital investment, which we badly need.
Becoming more efficient is everyone’s responsibility, and the executive team wants to be with you in making the changes that are needed to help us all, we are:
       Setting up a special ‘hotline, for you to call or text – to report any waste you see, be that duplication, or where you think we are purchasing items we don’t need, whatever it is, if you’re concerned then so are we.
       We can’t change what we don’t know about. Care Group leaders, along with a finance lead will visit every ward and department to discuss your area’s budget statements and explaining the greatest areas of financial pressure.
       Fresh eyes, if you would like a member of the executive team to visit you and spend time with you as you go about your job, to help identify savings then you will be able to request this.
       We will collate all suggestions and share them with all staff, together with what action has been taken. We need to save £60,000 every day, so it can’t be seen as someone else’s problem – we all need to help and contribute. We will post all questions and suggestions (anonymised) with a response on a new page of the Staff Intranet.
There are no daft suggestions!
So join the fight – join the War on Waste!
Aaron Cummins, Sue Smith, Dr David Walker, Keith Griffiths, Foluke Ajayi, David Wilkinson
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