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Following the recent publication of the book “Whistle in the Wind” by former employee, Consultant Urologist, Mr Peter Duffy, we have rightly received a high degree of press scrutiny and some before publication following an Employment Tribunal with Mr Duffy.

We would like to share our latest statement as shown on this page, as well as all of our responses to the Press on these matters. Several Local MP's have earlier this week called on the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to launch an inquiry into our urology services. We want to be clear on a number of points:

Aaron Cummins, Chief Executive for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT), said: “We welcome any independent scrutiny of our urology service and the concerns raised by former consultant Peter Duffy.

“Since concerns were raised, we have carried out a number of different investigations into the service, and into the practices of different clinicians. These included an invited visit by the Royal College of Surgeons in 2015, which resulted in a number of recommendations.

“Whilst we believe we operate a safe service for our patients, because of the concerns which have been raised, we had already announced our intention to seek an independent peer review, both to ensure that the recommendations of the Royal College of Surgeons review had been implemented, and to make sure there were no further issues within the department.

“We have continued to keep the Care Quality Commission, NHS England and NHS Improvement and our own Clinical Commissioning Group informed of our ongoing actions and they have continued to be supportive of our efforts.

“Our intention throughout is to ensure the safety of our patients and we will continue to welcome any efforts to reassure them that our urology service is safe.

“While not dismissing any concerns, I want to acknowledge that our Trust has a dedicated team within our urology service who are working hard providing the service for our patients.”

Update regarding Urology issues - September 2019

You will be aware that the Trust’s Urology service has featured in a number of media stories recently following concerns raised by a number of different stakeholders, including patients and current and former members of staff.

The Trust recently wrote to NHS England/Improvement to ask them to commission an independent review to help ensure that all issues which have been raised across a variety of media regarding our Urology service are investigated fully, and to provide reassurance to the public, staff, stakeholders and ourselves, that the service is safe for our patients.

Today NHS England/Improvement have announced that they will work with the Trust and partners in the local health and care system to appoint an independent local reviewer to ensure that the concerns raised about issues in the Urology department have been and are dealt with appropriately.

We are grateful that NHS England/Improvement have responded positively to our request for an external, independent review, and we look forward to contributing to the work once the terms of reference and process for conducting the review are clarified.

Aaron Cummins
Chief Executive

Freedom of Information data

FOI 8089 External Review - Urology Service 2012.pdf

FOI 8554 Urology Review undertaken by Royal College of Surgeons.pdf

FOI 7808 - Personal Data and Urology Press Release.pdf 

Updated October 2019


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