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What is CQUIN?

CQUIN stands for Commissioning for Quality and Innovation and the aim is to improve quality and drive innovation in hospitals. 

√  A system of nationally and locally set hospital targets to ensure safety, quality and the best outcome for patients in NHS care.

√  Targets improve healthcare through focussed attention on individual areas of care, which require concentrated organisation.

√  Designed to encourage clinicians to find new and improved ways to provide healthcare.

√  Promotes improvement by measuring individual actions, which are indicative of wider high-quality, efficient care.

√  Incentive based, which means that hospitals must achieve their targets to receive financial payment. 2.5% of hospital income is managed by CQUIN.

√  On a local level CQUIN targets are decided through discussions between UHMB medical sta­ff and local CCGs.


Click on each link for the National CQUIN guidance and the locally agreed schemes for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust.


NHS National CQUIN Guidance 2017/19

CQUIN Indicator Specification

CQUIN Achievements

Click on each on the links below for information on what was achieved in relation to CQUIN.

2013/14 {PDF}

2014/15 {Youtube}

2015/16 {PDF}

2016/17 {Word}

2017/18 {Powerpoint}

Delivery of CQUIN in the Trust

Each scheme is project managed within the Trust and supported by a wide range of staff, for further information contact us:

Paul Grout

CQUIN Clinical Lead


01229  404458

 Pauline Wallace

CQUIN Workstream lead


07790 558123

 Ann-Marie Lindsay

Programme Support Officer


01524 511973

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Updated September 2018

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