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Who are the Bay Health and Care Partners?

The 'Better Care Together' review of health and social care services is being led by the following eight health and care organisations:


Bay Health and Care Partners continue to introduce and support new models of care across Morecambe Bay to improve the way people receive health and care services within south Cumbria and North Lancashire. These new models of care developed over the last four years are integral in the delivery and implementation of the Better Care Together Strategy.



In 2018 Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria was confirmed to be one of the first areas of the country to work as a shadow integrated care system with the intention to be a formal integrated care system in the future. An integrated care system is a collaboration in which NHS, Local Authority, voluntary and other public sector partners will need to demonstrate how we will work effectively with the communities we serve. In doing so, this will bring together commissioners, providers and regulators to work in more cohesive ways.

Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria is a partnership of organisations working together to improve services and help the 1.7 million people in Lancashire and South Cumbria live longer, healthier lives.

The partnership is made up of Local Authority, Public Sector NHS and voluntary and community organisations coming together to improve outcomes and care for local people, reduce pressures on services and make best use of our financial resources.

Bay Health and Care Partners is one of the five integrated care partnerships within the integrated care system.

You can find the priorities and plan on a page for Bay Health and Care Partners for the coming year here Bay Health and Care Partners plan on a page

We are currently engaging with members of the public on our future Better Care Together strategy for 2019-2024 at our Public Assembly events. You can find the latest strategy engagement document here Better Care Together Public Engagement Document

By working more closely together, the Bay Health and Care Partners, are:

  • Supporting the management of long-term conditions
  • Integrating services
  • Focusing on population health and supporting the local community with smoking cessation and healthy weight
  • Improving support for patients with mental health
  • Providing alternative care to outpatient services which are closer to home

BHCP colleagues will work together over the next five years with an aim to shrink the local health care deficit. This can only be achieved by transforming patient pathways and providing care closer to home; through the use of technology and innovative workforce models, as well as investment in health promotion and self-care.

We will work to support the nine Integrated Care Communities (ICCs) across South Cumbria and North Lancashire, which have been created to help bring together local health and care organisations to support the health and wellbeing of local people.

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Primary Care Networks

As a Vanguard Morecambe Bay was part of the process for the development of locality working. Morecambe Bay’s development of Core Teams, which then became Integrated Care Communities (ICCs), was part of a process which led to the development of the new care model set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. A key element of this model is the development of locality working and Primary Care Networks (PCNs). 

PCNs were launched across England on 1st July 2019, in an undertaking in support of the NHS Long-Term Plan. The new networks offer patients more convenient access to treatment and support from a wide range of health professionals.

The aspiration for PCNs is that they will become groups of general practices working together with local providers across primary care, community services, social care and the voluntary sector offering personalised and coordinated health and social care to local populations. In PCNs general practices can partner with community pharmacies, optometrists, dental providers, social care provers, voluntary organisations, community service providers and local government. 

NHS England anticipate that PCNs will be small enough to maintain the traditional strengths of general practice but large enough to provide resilience and to support the development of integrated health and care services. PCNs are normally based around natural local communities, typically serving populations of between 30,000 and 50,000 people.  Exceptions to this rule exist to accommodate local circumstances such as those found in Morecambe Bay with its combination of existing super practices, unique geography and local working arrangements. 

You can find out more about Primary Care Networks here PCN Briefing July 2019

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Here you can find our latest newsletter packed full of updates and achievements from across the Bay:

Bay Health and Care Partners Newsletter Spring 2019

Bay Health and Care Partners newsletter summer 2019

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Find out more about our past achievements, and future plans;

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